Tough Real Estate Administrator for Tough Real Estate Sales

Nobody understands the importance of turnaround time in this Industry more than Real Estate Outsourcing. It is a well-known fact that the biggest distraction towards your success in Real Estate Sales is interrupted work. If demand in a part of your Real Estate business is outgrowing your staff or resources, outsourcing is the perfect solution. You can simply hand work over to your Sales Administrator, someone perfectly capable of doing diverse tough tasks for you and your Real Estate Team. Promote the growth of your Real Estate Sales Business and make your life so much easier. Support your sales agent and make them more productive.

Here are the things we can do for you:

Appointment Setting

– increase business profitability by letting your Sales Administrator generate leads and set qualified appointments through cold calling.

Database Management and CMA Preparation

– Have your important data up to date and on hand anytime.

List Properties Online

– Your Sales Assistant will make sure all listings are uploaded on listing websites.

Respond to Emails and Chats

– As a Realtor, you receive bulks of emails, most of which are minor. Abstain from missing any important emails by getting assistance from your Sales Administrator.

Answer All Phone Communications

– Phone enquiries takes a lot of time and can sometimes be frustrating. Allot this task to your Sales Administrator who is also trained to provide excellent customer service.

Create and Send Letters

– Need to reach out to clients and potential clients? Save essential time by delegating this task to your Sales Assistant.

Data Mining

– Need a spreadsheet about all the properties within your Agency’s core and surrounding area? Unshackle yourself from the desk. Endorse this tedious time to your Sales Administrator.

Basic Book Keeping

– Get a regular update of your company’s financial health. Sales Administrator will keep track and tally expenses and profits which is imperative for any business.

Appointment Setting

– Expand your rental listings. Count on your Sales Administrator to generate leads and set qualified appointments thru cold calling.

Track Expired and Withdrawn Listings

– Get your =Sales Administrator find expired listings by tracking and monitoring the market to generate potential leads.

Data Entry into CRM

– This time-consuming task requires a lot of attention to details and can be assigned to your Sales Administrator.

Social Media Management

– Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. Get clients in and popularize your Real Estate business. Maximize the benefits of social media and let you Sales Administrator handle it for you.

Design Advertisements

– Build up your business through eye-catching ads designed by your Sales Administrator.

Blogging –

Let the worldwide web know more about your company. Build social relations with readers and encourage clients by having your Sales Administrator create interesting blogs that advocates your company’s goals, visions, products and services offered.

Manage Ongoing Marketing

– Let your Sales Administrator manage your newly or current listing in the marketing process.

Create Listing Agreements

– Reckon your Sales Administrator to create Listing Agreements for your Real Estate Business.

Few things they can get
it done for you
Even if you have the slightest interest in Outsourcing reach out and send us a message before your competition does.