Property Management Administrator

Grow your Property Management Business through Real Estate Outsourcing.

In Real Estate Property Management, 80% are administrational tasks that are spent sitting in front of a computer or talking on the phone. Through Outsourcing those tasks, you can use that 80% doing other things you are expert at for the growth of your business, or spend that time with your family and friends. Relieve yourself from paper work and get an extra hour of sleep at night instead of being bugged down on the desk of your office home creating ads and blogs for your website just after spending a 12-hour shift at work.

Here are some of things we can get done for you:

Arrears Management

– Protect the interest of your clients. Designate your Property Management Administrator to chase up arrears and make sure payments are up to date.

Schedule Routine Inspections

– Keep your clients’ properties well-maintained and their tenants happy. Count on your Property Management Administrator to organize and schedule routine inspections for you.

Handle Lease Renewals

– Avoid vacancies by letting your Property Management Assistant send emails and make follow ups to tenants whose leases are about to end.

Create Feedback Reports to Landlords

– Boost profit by ensuring that the property is presented at its best. Nothing beats raw and honest opinion from potential tenants. Let your Property Management Administrator collate feedbacks and turn them into useful reports.

List Properties Online

– Your Property Management Assistant will make sure all listings are uploaded on listing websites.

Respond to Emails and Chats –

As a Realtor, you receive bulks of emails, most of which are minor. Abstain from missing any important emails by getting assistance from your Property Management Administrator.

Answer All Phone Communications

– Phone enquiries takes a lot of time and can sometimes be frustrating. Allot this task to your Property Management Administrator who is also trained to provide excellent customer service.

Create and Send Letters

– Need to reach out to clients and potential clients? Save essential time by delegating this task to your Property Management Assistant.

Data Mining

– Need a spreadsheet about all the properties within your Agency’s core and surrounding area? Unshackle yourself from the desk. Endorse this tedious time to your Property Management Administrator.

Basic Book Keeping

– Get a regular update of your company’s financial health. Property Management Administrator will keep track and tally expenses and profits which is imperative for any business.

Appointment Setting

– Expand your rental listings. Count on your Property Management Administrator to generate leads and set qualified appointments thru cold calling.

Data Entry into CRM

– This time-consuming task requires a lot of attention to details and can be assigned to your Property Management Administrator.

Social Media Management

– Almost everyone is on social media nowadays. Get clients in and promote the growth of your Real Estate business. Maximize the benefits of social media and let you Property Management Administrator handle it for you.

Design Advertisements

– Promote your business through eye-catching ads designed by your Property Management Administrator.

Create Invoices and Rental Receipts

– May it be issuing invoices for service people, water bills, electric bills, gas bills or rental receipts, your Property Management Administrator will surely be able to take care of it for you.

Handle Maintenance Management

– Handling maintenance is critical to keep your tenants happy and your landlord’s properties well maintained. With your Property Management Administrator at hand, you are secured that complaints from tenants and follow ups with tradespeople are well handled in a timely manner.

Handle Vacate Procedures

– Make vacating procedures as smooth as sign up process for your tenants with the help of your Property Management Administrator.

Handle Tenancy Applications

– From checking TICA to validating a prospective tenant’s rental history, entrust your Property Management Assistant to deal with all the procedures in tenancy applications.

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