Marketing Executive

When it comes to Running a Real Estate Business there are two things it needs more than oxygen to grow. Low expenses and marketing that drives listings and property managements on autopilot.

Hiring someone solely to take care of your marketing in-house can be very expensive. Let’s take a Graphic Designer for example and look at the average wage cost? When checking on we found that the average wage is around $80,000 a year. With most Real Estate businesses you do not really need a full time designer as that is just one component. What if we told you we have options where you can have 1 single agent here in the Philippines who can drive you marketing and additional options to throw in part time graphic designers and web developers as well?

Our Real Estate Marketing executives are trained up in Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Electronic Direct Mail, Search Engine Optimisation, MMS marketing, SMS marketing and more.

With Real Estate Outsourcing you can sit back and relax well your marketing is on Autopilot.

Electronic Direct Mail

– Targeted styled emails with the functionality to track opens and interaction

CRM Camapigns

– Campaigns for each part of you process that will attract new customers and get existing customers to come back

SMS Targeting

– Hit your existing audience with engaging messages that get them to visit your site or respond

MMS Marketing

– Weave a result back through your current audience that gets them to take notice of your brand

Graphic Design

– When an idea comes to your head that you wish to promote have it implemented with ease

Web Development

– Design is great however the Web Dev team makes it REAL and turns the deign into an online experience

Social Media

– Edit your content and send your brand position to your audience that represents your goal

Google Ads

– Have ads placed that display in Google based on what your next customer would search to find your product.

Facebook Ads

– Everyone is on Facebook and you can drill down into their daily movements that align with what your product is and show to only them.

Video Editing

– A picture tells a story and a video speaks truth. You can not track an impression however you can engage with someone that watches a video.

Online Analytics

– Offline cannot be measured and what can be measured grows. Know if your dollars spent will come back with friends.


– SEO is to be found for the specific term that people are looking for at that exact time by creating relevant content that will be found.

Few things they can get
it done for you
Even if you have the slightest interest in Outsourcing reach out and send us a message before your competition does.