Your Real Estate Outsourcing Experts Providing Virtual Assistants

We are specialised in Real Estate Outsourcing and many are making that claim. We stand by it. We do not just offer you a staff member in the Philippines. We make sure they are trained up in Real Estate and know your systems, prior to starting working in your Real Estate Business. It is not what they can do, it is what we can get them to do, that makes the difference.



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We Call It Shooting the Shit


Real Estate Virtual Assistants

When it comes to running a Real Estate Business, one of the most important things is generally staff that can work in the business. There are...

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Property Management Outsourcing

Property Management is one of the easiest departments to outsource, as it is so process driven, by nature. When you take a deep look into...

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Outsourcing for Real Estate Sales

We love Real Estate sales, as it is the cream of the Real Estate business and when firing, can provide huge revenue in to a Real Estate...

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Best Real Estate Outsourcing Company

What does it mean to be the best Real Estate Outsourcing Company or to even be able to have a shot at the title? Well, we are not making...

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What is Real Estate Outsourcing

Real Estate Outsourcing is simply removing specific tasks and roles from your in-house office and relocate them to another country. Why would you do this? Well the cost of living in other countries is far lower than Australia and so are the wages. We choose the Philippines to outsource as the level of english is perfect and the skills are very good. There are many different tasks in your Real Estate business you can outsource to reduce unnecessary expenses, increase scale and service. Start a conversation with us to find out more.

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